Melbourne to Osaka


Double-Handed Yacht Race

The Melbourne Osaka Cup: Double-Handed Yacht Race (“the Race”) is a 5,500 nautical mile epic journey that runs every four years, pitting man and boat against the power of the ocean and the weather.

The objectives of the Race are to promote a challenging long-distance, short-handed yacht racing event between Melbourne, Australia and Osaka, Japan traversing the Pacific Ocean, and in so doing to provide a proving ground for true seamanship as well as to encourage the development of suitable seaworthy yachts and of appropriate gear, supplies, and techniques for short-handed sailing. The race is also intended as a means of strengthening the ties between Melbourne and Osaka as sister cities and ports.

The Race was first held in 1987 to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Osaka. It has been held every four years since to celebrate the City of Melbourne and the City of Osaka sister city and port relationships. Over the various races it has attracted over 200 entrants from many of the traditional yachting countries including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, France and the USSR. More information can be found on the web site: Latest News

Winners 2007 Osaka Race     

The 2013 Race:
The seventh running of Melbourne Osaka Cup race is to take place starting in March 2013. The Race is to be sailed from a starting line established within Port Philip to a finishing line to be set up within Osaka Bay. Race participants will sail the 5,500 nautical miles (approx. 10,200 km) without stop-overs, traveling backward through the seasons with autumn in Melbourne, summer at the equator, and spring in Osaka. The Race is one of the longest two handed yacht races in the world and the only one running from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere.

Team MacAdie 2007