SSAA Sailing Program for 2002    
  open short course notes Safety
  course course (see below) Category
  series series (additions
March Sat 16th OS-1   Sydney - Botany Bay - Sydney - Sailing Instructions   3
  Sun 24th   SC-1 Sydney - Long Reef - Sydney - Sailing Instructions   3
April Sat 20th   SC-2 Sydney - East to Longitude - Sailing Instructions (a) 3
  Sat 20th OS-2   Sydney - East to Longitude - Sailing Instructions - Social Gathering after the race at Sydney Amateur Sailing Club (b) 3
  Sat 27th     Tranz Tasman Challenge - Sydney - Auckland - Sailing Instructions   1
May Sat 4th OS-3   Pittwater - Bird Island - Pittwater- Sailing Instructions   3
  Sun 19th   SC-3 Pittwater (in conjunction with RPAYC) (c) 3
June Fri 7th OS-4   Pittwater - Port Stephens - Sailing Instructions (d) 3+LR
  Sun 16th   SC-4 Sydney - Coogee - Sydney- Sailing Instructions   3
July Fri 5th OS-5   Sydney - Boondelbah Is - Pittwater - Sailing Instructions   3+LR
  Sat 20th   SC-5 Pittwater (in conjunction with RPAYC)- Sailing Instructions   3
Aug Sat 3rd OS-6   Pittwater - Bird Island - Sydney- Sailing Instructions   3
  Sun 25th   SC-6 Sydney - Long Reef - Sydney- Sailing Instructions   3
September TBA OS-7   Sydney - Port Hacking -Sydney (e) 3
  TBA   SC-7 Sydney - Maroubra -Sydney (f) 3
**** Tues 24th SSAA AGM      
October Sat 5th     Sydney - Lord Howe Is.- Sailing Instructions   1
November Tues 26th SSAA Xmas party / prize giving    
   (a) course to longitude east of Sydney. Gathering at SASC for Tranz Tasman send off  
   (b) course to longitude east of Sydney (shorter than OS).  Gathering after Race at SASC Mosman Bay  
   (c) gathering the night before (Sat 18th May) at RPAYC  
   (d) gathering in Port Stephens for dinner Saturday and cricket match Sunday  
   (e) combined race with SC fleet - shorten course option to Botany Bay (TBA)  
   (f) combined race with OS fleet - shorten course option to Coogee? (TBA)  
Handicap Systems  
   OS series SSAA & divisions by length, two crew  
   SC series PHS and SSAA system, one or two crew; or three crew but no auto-pilot with 3% penalty