The Shorthanded Sailing Association of Australia


Sailing Instructions


Short Course Series - Race 6


1000hrs, Sunday 25th August 2002


Note: This race is Race Six of the 2002 Short Course Series. Results for the race will be calculated under handicaps/divisions as advised in the Notice of Race. Results will also count towards the SSAA Champion Award.


1 Race Rules


1.1 This race will be governed by the:


1.1.1               The rules as defined in the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF)

1.1.2               The Notice of Race and as modified by these Sailing Instructions.


1.2 Specific attention is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 4, which states:

A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing.

1.3 No means of propulsion may be used other than the force of the wind on sails and/or the manpower of the crew. No form of powered handling device may be used when the yacht is underway, regardless of the source of power, other than:

1.3.1 electrical/hydraulic or wind powered self steering systems,

1.3.2 hydraulically operated mast jacks, stays and vangs,

1.3.3 pumps to fill transfer and exhaust water ballast.


1.4 Radar and electronic charting/navigation systems are allowed. Canting keels and rotating masts are permitted, canting masts are not.

1.5    The crew is limited to one, two or three. All crew shall be a minimum of 18 years of age as of the day of the race. If crewed by three people, autopilots shall not be used.

1.6    The competitors have no right to expect or demand that rescue operations or other assistance be extended to them during any race.

1.7    The SSAA burgee must be flying at all times while racing.

1.8    Competitors seen dumping rubbish overboard shall be disqualified


2 Safety


As stipulated in the Notice of Race.


3 Entries


3.1 Eligible yachts may be entered by lodging the Entry Form with the SSAA by midday 23rd August 2002, and by notifying Peter McCorquodale on 0414 344 914 of intention to start.

3.2      Eligible competitors shall be single or multihulled yachts of 28- 60 LOA, with a crew of 1, 2 or 3 people. If crew of three, auto-pilot cant be used and there is a 3% handicap penalty adjustment.

3.3    One of the crew must be a member of the SSAA for series entry, casual entry from non-members will be accepted.

3.4      All crewmembers must be over 18 years of age.

3.5      All crewmembers must be competent in the practice of ocean navigation and competent to take over complete charge of the yacht in an emergency.

3.6      The crew must have supplied:

3.6.1           A current SSAA/AYF Category 3 Safety Certificate,

3.6.2           A SSAA Self Check Safety form filled out,

3.6.3           A summary of previous yachting experience of both crew members together with supporting evidence in each case,

3.6.4           a clear beam-on photograph of the entered vessel.


4 Changes in Sailing Instructions


Any changes in the sailing instructions will be notified by the appointed start vessel as part of the routine starting report.


5 Race Schedule and Start


The Race is expected to start at 1000 hours, Sunday 25th August 2002. All Multi Hulls will start 10 minutes after the allotted race start time. The start may be postponed at the discretion of the Race Committee.

The Start Line will be in Sydney Harbour, between the lighthouse off Grotto Point, and the flagstaff of the committee vessel, being a red or white motor vessel, flying a SSAA Burgee, in Hunter Bay, generally located S to SW of the lighthouse.



6 Starting Signals


Postponement Signal - Answering Pennant.

Postponement to a later day - Answering Pennant over Code Flag A.


Warning Signal - Code Flag "W" displayed.


Preparatory Signal - Code Flag "P" displayed.


Starting Signal - Both flags lowered.


The warning, preparatory and starting signals shall be at five minute intervals. No protests regarding the timing of the signals shall be allowed, the starting signal shall determine the start time of the race. In the case of a postponement the warning signal will be made one minute after the answering pennant is lowered. The visual signals may be accompanied by a sound signal but the timing of the visual signals shall be the timing of the signals.


6.1    Race Time for the entire race, including starting and finishing will be coordinated with Eastern Standard Time - telephone 1194.

6.2    Any yacht over the start line after the preparatory signal must go around the start-boat end of the line to start.

6.3    All yachts using their motor for propulsion after the preparatory signal must do a 360 degree turn, under sail, before starting.


7 The Course


The course is from the start line in Sydney Harbour, to cross in a northerly direction, the latitude of Long Reef: S33˚44.100.

Once the yacht has reached/crossed this latitude she shall return to Sydney to the finish line.


8 The Finish


8.1      A yacht will be deemed to have finished when it crosses in a southerly direction, a transit line from the Starboard hand channel marker of the western channel approx. 0.2nm east of Middle Head, to the Junction Bell. The transit line extends east of the Junction Bell, the Junction Bell is to be left to starboard.

8.2      Competitors must take their own finishing times, and report these to the Race Office by telephone on 0414 344 914 or fax on (02) 9557 7890 as soon as possible but within 12 hours of finishing, and declare number of crew onboard during the race, 1, 2 or 3. It would be of assistance to the race Office to identify any other yachts finishing near your finishing time.


9 Alternative Penalties


Yachts involved in an infringement of a Right-of-Way rule may do a 720 degree turn and proceed in the race but the committee reserves the right to impose additional time penalties or disqualification for rule infringements.



10 Retirements


If a yacht retires or abandons the Race, the skipper shall be responsible for notifying the race office at the earliest possible time, unless otherwise notified.


11 Recalls


11.1   No individual recall signals will be made.

11.2   Should any yacht start prematurely, Code Flag Numeral Pennant One will be re- hoisted and remain up until all prematurely starting yachts have re-crossed the Starting Line and started correctly, or for ten minutes maximum.



12 Protests


Protests will be heard, and will be treated with concern.


12.1 All protests must be made in accordance with IYRU rules 68 and 69 and

delivered to the SSAA. Race Committee within 8 hours of the protesting yachts finishing time with $50.00 as a protest fee.


13 Race Office


Short-Handed Sailing Association of Australia

P.O. Box 7033

McMahons Point 2060


For any urgent queries contact Rob Drury 0409 045 020, or Peter McCorquodale on 0414 344 914


14 Charts


Current versions of the following chart shall be carried by all competitors as a

minimum requirement;


AUS197 Approaches to Port Jackson


15 Time Limit

Yachts not finishing by sunset must retire and their results record DNF.