Saturday 5th October 2002

Start in Hunter Bay, Middle Harbour 1100hrs     

1.0          RACE RULES

1.1              This race will be governed by the:

1.1.1            The rules as defined in the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF),

1.1.2            The SSAA Special Regulations,

1.1.3            The International regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, when applicable,

1.1.4            The Notice of Race and as modified by these Sailing Instructions.

1.2               Competitors must carry out a radio check with Penta Comstat on 4483kHz, and/or channel 608 and/or channel 836 within the hour prior to the start. Any yacht, which fails to communicate to the satisfaction of Penta Comstat, will not be considered as starting in the race.

1.3           No means of propulsion may be used during this race other than the force of wind, and/or manpower of the crew.

1.4              Entrants may use electronic navigation aids, linked or interfaced with either wind-powered or mechanical self-steering devices, autopilots and similar equipment.

1.5               Transferable water ballasting is allowed.

1.6              External/outside assistance for weather/routing is prohibited other than for information which is freely available in the public domain via HF and/or VHF radios on nominated race frequencies.

1.7           All competing yachts shall fly the S.S.A.A. burgee while racing.

1.8           Any competitor seen dumping rubbish from a yacht will be disqualified.

1.9                Spot Checks on safety equipment may be carried out at any time.

1.10         One yacht crossing the starting line will constitute a race.

1.11              Scoring will be for line honours and by length division/s i.e. up to 35’, up to 40’, up to 45’, up to 50’ and up to 60’  and/or as determined by the race committee and dependant on the number/type of entries. Note that a yacht will not win a length division if a shorter yacht beats a longer yacht

1.12         Any competitor found blatantly to be not complying with the race rules will be disqualified from the race and may be banned from S.S.A.A. races for up to 5 years.


2.0                       ENTRIES

2.1               Eligible yachts may be entered by lodging the Entry Form with the S.S.A.A. Entries are welcome from members and non-members.

2.2              Eligible competitors shall be single or multihulled yachts of 28'- 60' LOA, with a crew of 2 people. Both crewmembers must be over 18 years of age.

2.3           This race must be completed for the entry to be considered for the award “SSAA Champion”. One of the crew must be a member of the S.S.A.A. for the entry to be considered for this award.

2.4               Both crewmembers must be competent in the practice of ocean navigation and competent to take over complete charge of the yacht in an emergency and/or extreme weather conditions.

2.5           The crew must have supplied:

·         A current SSAA Category 1 Self-Check Document signed by both Skipper and crew.

·         Members: $200 entry fee if paid before 12th September 2002 or $400 if later.

·         Non-members: $300 entry fee if paid before 12th September or $500 if later.

·         No entries will be accepted after 1700hrs on 30th September 2002.

·         A summary of previous yachting experience of both crew members together with supporting evidence in each case,

·         3 passport style photographs of both crew

·         2 clear beam-on photograph of the entered vessel.

·         evidence of yacht stability

·         verification of ABS (or equivalent) requirements

·         life raft inspection/validity certificate

·         evidence of currency of public and third party insurance (min $10m)

·         evidence of currency of first aid certificates.

·         evidence of valid radio certificate/s


A briefing will be held at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, at 1830 hrs on Thursday 3rd October 2002. Both crew must attend. Information supplied at the briefing will form part of the Sailing Instructions. After the briefing any change in sailing instructions will be notified by Penta Comstat as part of the routine position reporting.

4.0          THE COURSE

The Course is from the start line in Hunter Bay, Sydney Harbour to the finish line at Lord Howe Island. The approximate length of the course is 415nm.




5.1           The race is scheduled to start at 1100 hours on Saturday 5th October 2002. The start may be postponed at the discretion of the Race Committee in the event of extreme weather or other circumstances.

5.2           The Start Line will be in Hunter Bay - Middle Harbour. The Light beacon on Grotto Point (approx. 33o 49.2'S 151o 15.6'E) shall form the northern extremity and the flagstaff of the Committee Vessel, anchored to the south/south west of Grotto Point, shall form the other extremity.

5.3           The Committee Vessel will be flying the S.S.A.A. burgee. All yachts intending to start must pass close to the Committee Vessel so that they can report in and the Committee will recognise them as starters.

5.4         Start Signals

Postponement Signal                           - Answering Pennant.

Postponement to a later day               - Answering Pennant over Code Flag "A"

Warning Signal              10:50 hrs             - Numeral Pennant 1 displayed.

Preparatory Signal       10:55 hrs              - Code Flag "P" displayed.

Starting Signal       11:00 hrs             - Both flags lowered.

5.5           The warning, preparatory and starting signals shall be at five minute intervals. No protests regarding the timing of the signals shall be allowed, the starting signal shall determine the start time of the race. In the case of a postponement the warning signal will be made one minute after the answering pennant is lowered. The visual signals may be accompanied by a sound signal but the timing of the visual signals shall be the timing of the signals.

5.6             Race Time for the entire race, including starting and finishing will be co-ordinated with Eastern Summer Time - telephone 1194.

5.7             There is no time limit.

5.8           Any yacht over the start line after the preparatory signal must go around the start-boat end of the line to start.

5.9            RECALLS. Should any yacht start prematurely, Code Flag Numeral Pennant One will be re-hoisted and remain up until all prematurely starting yachts have re-crossed the Starting Line BY ROUNDING THE STARTING VESSEL and started correctly, or for ten minutes maximum. No individual recall signals will be made. The committee vessel may attempt to contact all/any premature starter/s on VHF73, however each yacht is to determine if they have started correctly and/or restart correctly in the event of being a premature starter.

5.10         All yachts using their motor for propulsion after the preparatory signal must do a 360-degree turn, under sail, before starting.

6.0       THE FINISH 

6.1       A yacht will be deemed to have finished when it crosses from south to north, the line bearing 054oM to the two boards mounted on SIGNAL POINT, between 1 mile and 2 miles (31o 32.2'S 159o 01.7'E) from SIGNAL POINT. Competitors are advised not to sail closer to the island than the line between North Head and South Head. The boards are painted "Day-Glo Orange" and will be brightly lit by white / orange lights. The lights on the boards should be visible from 6 miles in darkness. In the event of gale conditions vessels will be advised to keep well clear of the island and reef and an alternate finish line will be used.

                    Alternate Finishing Line. In the event of extreme weather conditions or exceptional circumstances an alternate finish will be used. The decision to use the alternate finish line will be made by the race committee in consultation with Lord Howe Island Maritime. This decision will be relayed to all entries during the course of the race at the earliest possibility. In the event of an alternative finish line, yachts will be deemed to have finished when reaching the position 31o 30'S 159o 00'E, 2 miles NW of Phillip Rock (North Head). 

6.2           Competitors must take their own finishing times, report these to Penta Comstat between the hours of 0700 and 2200, and record them on the Declaration Form.

6.3           All competitors shall complete the attached Declaration Form in full detail and deliver it to the S.S.A.A. Race Committee within 8 hours of finishing if stopping at the island. Competitors not stopping at the island must deliver the Declaration form to the S.S.A.A Race Office within two working days of arrival at Mainland Australia. Failure to do so will incur a time penalty.

6.4               Competitors must report to "Lord Howe Maritime" shortly before and after crossing the finish line and must then inform "Lord Howe Maritime" of their intention to stop at the island or return to the mainland. Competitors stopping at the island must then listen for instructions (VHF16, 12) regarding entry into the lagoon and mooring. Moorings will be allocated to suit each vessel and no dispute will be entered into. No night entry or exit to/from the lagoon is permitted. (providing one’s own dinghy and outboard is recommended for landing on the island)

6.5                Each vessel must carry substantial ground tackle in order to anchor off the eastern side of the island should sea conditions preclude entry into the lagoon.

6.6           On arrival at Lord Howe Island, moorings will be allocated by Lord Howe Maritime to suit each vessel.

6.7               Mooring and landing fees are payable on arrival as directed by Lord Howe Maritime, who will assist/direct with mooring on arrival. This may occur via VHF or manned inflatable.


Radio communications will be co-ordinated by Penta Comstat. See Radio Instructions attached.


Yachts involved in an infringement of a Right-of-Way rule may do a 720-degree turn and proceed in the race but the committee reserves the right to impose additional time penalties or disqualification for rule infringements.

9.0              RETIREMENTS

If a yacht retires or abandons the Race, the skipper shall be responsible for notifying Penta Comstat. After retirement, yachts must continue to report their position on the race sked until they reach port.

10.0      PROTESTS

Protests will be heard, and will be treated with concern. All protests must be made in accordance with IYRU rules 68 and 69 and delivered to the SSAA Race Committee within 24 hours of the protesting yachts finishing time with $50.00 as a protest fee. In the event of the yacht returning to the mainland on completion of the race, Penta Comstat shall be advised of the intent to lodge a protest and this procedure should be followed on arrival.

11.0      CHARTS

Yachts are recommended to carry a NSW pilot and/or cruising guide and the following charts: -

AUS4602        Tasman and Coral Sea

AUS809          Port Jackson to Port Stephens

AUS810          Port Stephen to Crowdy Head

AUS811          Crowdy Head to Smoky Cape

AUS812          Smoky Cape to Clarence River

AUS610          Approaches to Lord Howe Island

12.0     SAFETY CHECK       

The SSAA Safety officer, Chris Kelly, will conduct a compulsory safety check at a mutually convenient time before Wednesday 2nd October. Please phone Chris on 9935 7919 or at home 02-9449 4647 to arrange a suitable time and location.


2002 Sydney to Lord Howe Island

Double-Handed Yacht Race

1.0        REGULATIONS      

1.1        The Handbook for Ship Station Operators should be carried on board every yacht.

1.2        All yachts must be licensed to transmit on frequencies 4483kHz (ocean racing frequency)

             2524kHz (good reception at night)

             2182kHz (distress frequency)

             4125kHz ("Lord Howe Maritime")

             Channels 608 and 836

2.0        ROUTINE REPORTS         

2.1                Routine position reports are mandatory from all yachts.

                     Report Times will be at 0750 and 1650 hours, on 4483kHz or channels 608 or 836

2.2                Yachts will be called in alphabetical order and when called upon by Penta Comstat will give their position as at 0745 and 1645 hours in

                     Latitude and Longitude together with the distance to finish.

2.3                Yachts failing to make scheduled position reports without reasonable excuse will incur a time penalty of 15 minutes per sked.

2.4           In addition to giving a position, yachts are requested to give a brief description (in less than a minute) of the weather conditions and general information which might be of interest to parties following the race.

2.5                Yachts retiring from the race must continue to report their position on the race sked until they reach port.


3.1           The SSAA will obtain the yachts positions from Penta Comstat and all inquiries by interested parties should be directed to SSAA website


4.1                Yachts are required to maintain a listening watch on the distress frequencies VHF 16 and HF 2182 during the entire race and until all yachts have completed the course.

4.2                Competitors are additionally required to carefully monitor 2182 kHz and VHF Channel 16 from 0000 to 0003 hours.

4.3           A safety sked at 0005 hrs on 2524kHz will be conducted by a yacht selected at the race briefing. Competitors are requested to maintain communication with the fleet in this way and give positions for safety reasons. Failure to communicate will incur a penalty as determined by the race committee.

5.0       THE FINISH

5.1            Lord Howe Island will keep radio watch as the boats approach on HF 4125kHz  between the hours 0700 and 1900.  VHF 16 and 12 operate 24 hrs continuously. Each boat is required to report to "Lord Howe Maritime" on 4125kHz approximately one hour before finishing. Failure to do so will incur a penalty to be determined by the Race Committee.

5.2               Competitors must report to "Lord Howe Maritime" shortly before and after crossing the finish line and must then inform "Lord Howe Maritime" of their intention to stop at the island or return to the mainland. Competitors stopping at the island must then listen for instructions regarding entry into the lagoon and mooring. No night entry is permitted.

6.0       ON FINISHING

6.1               Yachts must contact Penta Comstat on 4483kHz, channel 608 or 836 between the hours of 0700 and 2000, immediately upon finishing. Should a yacht finish outside these hours the skipper will be responsible for making contact with Penta Comstat as soon as possible.

6.2               Yachts unable to contact Penta Comstat directly are asked to ensure their arrival is relayed through another competitor, or to make contact by telephone on (02) 6559 1888 between 0700 and 2000. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and costs incurred.


7.1           The S.S.A.A. committee recommends that any ocean sailing yachts should join Penta Comstat Maritime Radio Communications and register all relevant details. See Penta Comstat web site  or phone –2-6559 1888. After the race follow-up action is available only to Penta Comstat members and only these vessels are called on Penta Comstat skeds. Other vessels/non-members are welcome to call at the end of the normal coastal sked with position reports and this information is logged but Penta Comstat accepts no responsibility for follow-up if a vessel fails to maintain reports.

















I declare that the yacht ___________________________Sail No.__________

has completed the 2002 Double Handed Lord Howe Island Yacht Race,

completing the course as specified in the Sailing Instructions.

The finishing time was ______________________________

The watch correction error was ______________________

The correct finish time is __________________________

I also declare that the yacht and crew attempted to win only by fair sailing and individual effort and that at no time during the race was there an infringement of the Rules of the Race by the Crew or Yacht.

(Should any incident have occurred which may contravene the Race Rules or Sailing Instructions, including failing to complete a radio sked', then a full explanation of time, place, conditions and reasons will be shown overleaf or accompanied by a further letter of explanation.)

Signed                                                  Signed

Skipper_______________________  Crew___________________________

Date _________________________  Time____________________________