SSAA News 12/2000

New sailing program for 2001

The Short-handed Sailing Association of Australia (SSAA) has released its sailing program for 2001. The new format represents a total revision of past programs to meet the changing needs of members and others interested in shorthanding.

Three series are now on offer to cater for three levels of participation: -

OS = Open Series. Includes six longer races, designed to suit those looking for ‘hard’ racing whose horizons might stretch beyond the Tasman. This series is an ideal training ground for short-handers who could be thinking of the SSAA’s next Trans Tasman race to be held early in 2002 or the Melbourne to Osaka Double Handed Race scheduled for April 2003. Entries are divided into divisions by length, no handicaps. This is consistent with shorthanded racing on the global scene. Seamanship becomes a major winning factor.

LC = Long Course Series. This nine race series is intended to appeal to shorthanders looking for good ‘day’ racing. Two races are conducted over a weekend with the opportunity for a gathering on Saturday evening for crew, family and friends.

SC = Short Course Series. Six races are on offer in this ‘out and back’ series, intended to suit those who are short on time, who wish to finish in the same port as the start or are new to short-handing. As is normal with short-handing the crew is limited to two however as an option in 2001, a crew of three may be allowed, in which case if the yacht is fitted with an autopilot it can’t be used.

This three-tiered program allows progression as experience is gained and further challenges are sought. With short-handed sailing the ethos and goals are different. The goal of completing the task becomes the challenge as one becomes more attuned to the limits of the man and the yacht. Thus the phrase----

“When short-handing, you win when you achieve your goals”

For further details of this new sailing program please visit the website or phone Rob Drury 02-9953 4922 or via e-mail,

Rob Drury Vice President

Short-handed Sailing Association of Australia Inc.