SSAA NEWS ------MARCH 2001


SSAA members’ paths will soon cross in the Southern Ocean.

The southern ocean is known as one of the loneliest places on the earth but with opportunities now available and increasing interest in traversing this last frontier, the traffic down there is astounding.

Tony Mowbray and Will Oxley, both members of the SSAA, may rendezvous in the southern ocean to give each other a passing wave that yachtsman usually do. Tony Mowbray is nearing the end of his solo non-stop circumnavigation heading east, and Will Oxley, skipper of Compaq in the BT Global Challenge is heading west on route to Capetown. Their paths should cross later this month west of Tassie, below the bight.

Later this year three more SSAA members David Pryce, David Ferrall and Peter McCorquodale will be departing our shores in Don McIntyres race ‘Together Alone’. There may still be opportunities to join in this event, inquire with David Pryce on 0299793155

Consider this—in the period of around 18 months, a total of four high profile yacht races will have circled the globe. The ‘Vendee Globe’ (non stop for single handers), ‘The Race’ (big cats breaking the circumnavigation record), ‘BT Global Challenge’ (12 off one design 72 footers, manned by paying crew) and ‘Together Alone’ (three divisions: fully crewed, single and double handers). This brings to total approximately 350 yachtsmen who have circled the globe, not counting those unannounced, unknown adventurers doing a circumnavigation. It’s getting busy down there! It can be done! You can do it!

If your horizons stretch beyond the Tasman, the SSAA sailing program provides a sound footing for these adventurers. Day races are offered as well as overnighters and longer races to Lord Howe Island and New Zealand are also in the program. The SSAA sailing program has just started for the year and you participation is welcome. For further information visit the SSAA web site or phone Rob Drury 0409 045020



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