SSAA Newsletter 02/2001



Dear SSAA Member,

Our 2001 sailing season began in earnest on Saturday 3rd February with the Open Series race, OS-1 from Pittwater to Bird Is to Sydney. The variety of yachts entered is indicative of the broad band following that short handed sailing enjoys. For details of the race please refer to the web page under Race News or as following in this newsletter. Indications are that we should have a healthy number of starters this year as we know of a number of yachts that are still being prepared for the season ahead.

Enjoy our coming season and good luck to all!

Next Race----Saturday 10th March

Next race starts in Pittwater in the a.m. on Saturday 10th March. A number of yachts will be over-nighting in the Basin on Friday. All welcome for a raft-up there!! The notice of series and notice of race for the LC and SC serieshas been mailed and can be located from the events link..

Indications are we should have a good roll up for the LC series with at least 6 monos and 4 multis! King Billie and Swifty, both around 40’ are likely new starters with Sayernara on the line as well. See the social program attached for the gathering at the CYCA afterwards--- bring family and friends---all welcome!

Two - Up

The problem remains-----no volunteers yet----we need willing helpers to continue with the production of "Two Up". Word processing skills are mandatory. Much of the story line can be sourced from others, but an active editor with some journalistic skills is keenly sought-----please let us know, if anyone can take over its production.

Committee changes

Bruce Hitchman has regretfully resigned his post on the committee. He is planning to participate in the Gizo race this year so his time is limited and therefor thought it would be best to hand over the reins of the race committee to others. Bruce has been involved for many years and his input and energy will be sorely missed. We extend our many thanks to Bruce from the committee and all members for his unswerving and reliable dedication to the task. The race committee now includes Allan Carney and Rob Evans, so please contact them for any specific details—Rob Evans for handicap info.

Safety Documentation for 2001

Our safety self check/documentation runs from January to December each year—so please get your safety up to date if you are planning any racing with us during 2001! Download the forms from the web site, do your self-check and give Rob Drury a call for an inspection!

Following the 1998 Hobart Race inquiry, for all SSAA events, effective immediately, safety harnesses and lanyards bearing the marking Tuff Marine Australia are unacceptable.

Other recommendations in the Coroners report are being considered, some/all of which will be incorporated in future SSAA Cat 1 events. Any changes will apply to the SSAA Lord Howe Is. race scheduled to start on the 29th September. Stay tuned!

Sailing Program for 2001

To repeat advice in the earlier newsletter------

The totally revised program includes three series, designed to meet the interests of three levels of participation. As well, in recognition of success and participation in our sailing program, the SSAA Championship trophy will be awarded.

Also included in the program are two major departures from our previous practice—

Short Course ‘SC’ Series-----includes 6 short races, out and back format, with a Sunday start. This series is designed to meet the needs of those short on time, who wish to start and finish in the same port, or are new to short-handing. With the latter in mind, a crew of three is permitted but if three are on board an auto-pilot cannot be used. It is possible to start one race with two/three crew and other races to be crewed by two/three. With this series scoring and results will be given, based on two handicap systems, a PHS and the SSAA system.

If a yacht sails with a crew of three there is a 3% handicap penalty-----the logic being to encourage crew of two only, and to penalise for the ‘extra weight on the rail’.

With this 6 race series there are three start/finish in Pittwater and three in Sydney. Two drops are allowed, so for a yacht looking at a series result, he need only start once in a race at an ‘away’ port. Series entrants receive a commemorative plaque inscribed with yacht name and series handicap result/s.

Long Course ‘LC’ series---------includes 9 races-----refer attached sailing program. Nearly all are ‘overnight’ races, over a weekend, having an ‘out’ race on Saturday and a ‘back’ race on Sunday. This series is designed to suit those looking for good racing combined with the opportunity to involve crew, family and friends at a ‘gathering’ on Saturday evening. Refer to the program and diarise the Saturday night gathering. This is intended to replace some of our usual Tuesday night social functions and we look forward to these evenings being well attended----the venues are very ‘user friendly’, so pre-plan to bring friends and family, even if you are not sailing! Yachts can raft-up at the venues they being: RMYC, CYC, RSYS, and Port Hacking, so a good round of the clubs is offered.

With this series, crew is limited to two, and two handicap systems are included, a PHS and the SSAA system.

With this series, three drops are allowed, best six races to count to series result.

SSAA membership is required for series entry, but casual entries (for each race) are welcome from non-members. Series entrants receive a commemorative plaque inscribed with yacht name and series handicap result/s.

Open Series ‘OS’---------includes six long races, refer the sailing program attached.

This series is designed to provide hard racing and particularly suits those whose horizons might stretch beyond the Tasman. The series provides ideal training for the SSAA double handed Trans Tasman or Melbourne to Osaka races, for example.

Entrants are divided into classes, monohull and multihull, and divisions based on LOA (up to 28’, up to 35’, up to 40’, up to 50’, and up to 60’---------note that you don’t win your division if beaten by a shorter yacht). There are no handicaps, and crew is limited to two. Again, casual entries from non-members are welcome but membership for series entry is required.

Criteria for the award ------

"SSAA Champion"

The SSAA wish to acknowledge success in and commitment to the SSAA sailing program, therefor the "SSAA Champion" award will be determined as follows:-

GST—entry fees and membership fees

We goofed!!!----or more accurately, the advice we were given was goofy!! The final outcome is---we wont be charging GST nor will we be claiming back GST incurred on our expenses. So, race fees for 2001 are as follows

Individual Races

Lord Howe

$200(SSAA members), $300 (non-members)

All other OS races

$40 (members and non-members)

LC and SC races

$30 (members and non-members)

Open Series

$300 (series entry for members only)

Long Course Series

$200 (series entry for members only)

Short course Series

$150 (for non members)

$120 (for members)

Block entry $400 for members only, includes all 21 races. To be accepted, the block entry must be in the hands of the race committee before the first race entered. Membership subs must also be paid at the same time if not forwarded previously.



Please note

  1. membership dues must be paid with race fees for membership rates to be accepted. (membership fees for 2001 are $100+$30 for new member joining fee. Note the joining fee includes for race pennant which will be forwarded soonest)
  2. If some have paid the GST for race entry fees as previously announced, this will be credited to your account (or refunded if requested).

Declaration at end of race

As is usual with SSAA races, competitors take their own finish times and advise race committee by phone/fax at earliest, details in notice of race. As well, for the short course ‘SC" series, crew numbers for the event need to be declared.

Racing Pennant

The new racing pennant is now available and has been forwarded to new members. The old pennant may still be used, or if it has reached its ‘use-by’ date, the cost of a new pennant is $37.50. Please forward you request with cheque attached and it will be posted to you.

Social calendar for 2001

The draft calendar is attached. Last year the evenings were not so well attended so the format has been changed this year. We hope it is more to your liking and look forward to seeing you at these functions. Note there are Saturday night gatherings after certain LC races. If you are not racing, please come along with friends and/or family, everyone is welcome---no charge---except food and beverage of course.

Again the committee ask for volunteers to organise and promote these functions----your assistance is keenly sought. Please help!

Members News

Open 60 for sale

A Vendee Globe Open 60 retiree Modern University for the Humanities is for sale in Sydney. At US$150,000 asking price this sounds like it could be a good buy. The skipper suffered health and technical problems and decided to retire and head for Sydney. The yacht is presently on the new Gladesville Bridge Marina adjacent to SSAA members Greg Mcdonalds new Hick 43 footer ‘Swifty" and Mike Thurston’s 50 footer ‘Drina’ ----could be an interesting walk along the dock!

Anyone looking for an Open 60 ‘at the right price’ this could be it! Alan Nebauer seems to have the contact details so contact Alan at or 0402 443478

Members news—"without prejudice"

One of our members has recently re-launched his yacht after an unfortunate incident with an immovable object, commonly called ‘rock’. They say most accidents occur within a mile of home—this was about 100m from home. The rock was on the channel side of a Waterways channel marker—Waterways ‘without prejudice’ reaction----"a prudent skipper would keep three boat lengths away from a channel marker" Interesting that navigation charts don’t count around the harbour anymore—user beware! It will be interesting to see the approach taken by the insurer for cost recovery.

Pacific Rim Race

This race may stall in its planning until a sponsor can be found. As we all know a great deal on time and preparation is required for such an event, beyond the scope of volunteer support.

SSAA 2002 Double-handed Trans Tasman

David Willis has prepared a report for the committee recommending the best departure time, weatherwise, early May, with destination Auckland. The next race will be finalised by the committee over the next two months for an announcement in April. If you have any comment/requests/input make it now or you will be too late!

For Sale?

List your yacht/marine goods for sale on our web site on the ‘for sale’ page----it works! Ask Dave Ferrall who sold Lik Lik via his ad!!----nominal

charges only!



Web site

Make a regular visit to the web site for up to date news on race results etc, especially now as the racing season has begun!

Annual subs now due

Notice for annual subs was forwarded with the last newsletter—please forward soonest! If you haven’t paid for a few years, of course we’d like you to bring your account up to date---BUT----don’t let that stop you from rejoining for 2001—pay the joining fee and get a new pennant!—now that’s a good option!---remember annual subs now apply January to December each year.

Sydney 38’s for short-handing?!

This yacht looks like a beauty for one design shorthanding! You might be aware of the short-handed 32 foot Figaro circuit in the UK/Europe—if not, have a look at the RYASOLO site from our links page on our web site. Figaro is the breeding and training ground for Around Alone and Vendee sailors---wouldn’t it be great to have such a fleet here---if you are looking for a one design short-handed/multipurpose boat and have the $$$$$$ maybe the Sydney 38 is the one!

Fleets of these yachts are building here, in the USA and Europe----so is there a chance of a world championship in short-handing??-—what will the future bring???

NZ short-handing news—SSANZ (Shorthanded Sailing Assoc. of NZ)

Brian Murray, Chairman of the SSANZ, recently visited Sydney for the 40th birthday of the skipper of the Warrnambool, the vessel that rescued him and his crew when his yacht ‘Green Hornet’ sunk in the Tasman early in the last Melbourne-Osaka race. Brian got straight back into yachting on his return to NZ with the purchase of a Farr 11.6. That has proved to be too slow for Brian and he is planning to upgrade.

The SSANZ have approx. 60 paid up members and it is not unusual to get 50 yachts on their starting lines. One of their main races is the double-handed round the North Island race held every three years in late February starting and finishing in Auckland. There are three stops along the way at Mongonui, Wellington and Napier. The next race is in 2002, and the usual 25 boats on the line being is expected.

SSAA and affiliation with the AYF and other shorthanded associations

Brian Murray advises that the SSANZ is affiliated with the NZ Yachting Federation in exactly the same way as is his other club the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron. The SSANZ only run two-handed events however they have single-handed rallies occasionally. The Single-handed Society (SSS) out of San Francisco is likewise affiliated with the national governing body for sailing in the USA, the US Sailing Association. The SSS only conduct a single-handed racing program.

The question arises----should the SSAA pursue affiliation with the YA / AYF? There is a thought in the present committee—yes!, and developing an ‘alliance’ with other shorthanded associations world wide.

As before mentioned, ISAF now recognise the single handed class IMOCA for open 50 and 60 footers.

Members views/comments are welcome.

New Members

A hearty welcome to new members:

Phil Bennett---‘King Billie’----40 footer

Wayne Pollock

Yours in sailing


All/any views expressed here are those of the contributor/s, not necessarily those of the SSAA.

SSAA 2001 Committee


Paul Nudd phone A.H. 02 9985 7304

Vice President/safety

Rob Drury phone 0409 045020


Drew Spring phone A.H. 02

Race Committee

Rob Evans phone 0409 608 272

Allan Carney phone AH 02

General Committee

Tony Roberts phone AH 02 9973 2915

Dave Willis phone A.H. 9969 6788

Dave Landers phone 0412 140661


Short-handed Sailing Association of Australia Inc. (SSAA)P.O. Box 7033, McMahons Point, NSW 2060

When short-handing, you win when you achieve your goals