SSAA       Newsletter    Feb 2001

Dear SSAA Member,

We issue this as a “Newsletter” rather than a new edition of “Two Up” because the SSAA has not yet found a willing party to take over the task to continue the publication of “Two Up”.

The job of producing “Two Up” was previously in the very capable hands of immediate past president Andrew Purnell (much of the work was done by his wife, Caryl) but work pressures required Andrew to resign this task---thanks Andrew and Carol for a great job done previously with its publication!

So, the problem remains-----we need a willing volunteer/s to continue with the production of  “Two Up”. Word processing skills are mandatory. Much of the story line can be sourced from others, but an active editor with some journalistic skills is keenly sought-----please let us know, if anyone can take over its production.

The years’ action

While it's been a year or more since the last publication of Two Up, a great deal has been achieved by your committee over the past year. The SSAA has a new ‘face’ with a new logo, new letterhead, new race pennant etc but most significantly a web site is up and fully operational. While the web site is seen as the communication medium of the future, the reality is that the Internet is still only in a ‘small’ percentage of homes. Until a ‘critical mass’ is reached, written communication must continue.

SSAA Questionnaire

In October of last year, a questionnaire was posted to all immediate and recent past members. The response prompted a total redesign of our race program. Thanks to those who did respond------and we trust the new sailing program meets your wishes. The results of the questionnaire as follows----

Q1.      Two Up is a key element of the SSAA and should continue, and costs incurred if necessary, for its ongoing production

The overwhelming response was in favour that it should, by almost 100%, the only exception having concern re costs. As above, no volunteers have yet come forward so its production is ‘on hold’. We have received a proposal for its production by an outside source, but the cost is prohibitive at $8,750 p.a. A ‘reasonable’ charge would be acceptable to the committee in an endeavour to meet the wishes of members----any offers please contact your committee.

Q2.      The idea of a short course out and back winter series with option PHS or SSAA handicap etc, is good.                         88% of responses answered yes

This now included in the sailing program with our SC series.

Q3.      The idea of opening the short course series to a crew of three, no autopilot, or a crew of two with autopilot sounds good.   67% of responses answered yes

This option now included in the SC series. It will be very interesting to see the response to this option.

Q4.      I prefer the short course program to start on Saturday/Sunday.

60% of responses showed preference for a Sunday start.

Very even response, with a leaning to Sunday, so that’s the day.

Q5.      The idea of a ‘long course’ ‘overnighter’ series sounds good.

96% of responses answered yes.

The question was not sufficiently detailed to determine the ‘real’ interest, so we now have the ‘LC’ and the ‘OS’ series covering all possible interpretations of the question.

Sailing Program for 2001-------and -------SSAA Championship

The sailing program for 2001 has been very much designed around the responses received from the questionnaire----refer above.

The totally revised program includes three series, designed to meet the interests of three levels of participation. As well, in recognition of success and participation in our sailing program, the SSAA Championship trophy will be awarded.

Also included in the program are two major departures from our previous practice—

Ø      Casual entry into all events is open to non SSAA members, however for OS and LC series results, membership is required as it is for the award SSAA Championship.

Ø      Three handing is permitted in the SC Series, and membership is not necessary---see below

Short Course ‘SC’ Series-----includes 6 short races, out and back format, with a Sunday start. This series is designed to meet the needs of those short on time, who wish to start and finish in the same port, or are new to short-handing. With the latter in mind, a crew of three is permitted but if three are on board an autopilot cannot be used. It is possible to start one race with two/three crew and other races to be crewed by two/three. With this series scoring and results will be given, based on two handicap systems, a PHS and the SSAA system.

If a yacht sails with a crew of three there is a 3% handicap penalty-----the logic being to encourage crew of two only, and to penalise for the ‘extra weight on the rail’.

With this 6 race series there are three start/finish in Pittwater and three start/finish in Sydney. Two drops are allowed, so for a yacht looking at a series result, he need only start once in a race at an ‘away’ port. Series entrants receive a commemorative plaque inscribed with yacht name and series handicap result/s.

Long Course ‘LC’ series---------includes 9 races-----refer attached sailing program.

Nearly all are ‘overnight’ races, over a weekend, having an ‘out’ race on Saturday and a ‘back’ race on Sunday. This series is designed to suit those looking for good racing combined with the opportunity to involve crew, family and friends at a ‘gathering’ on Saturday evening. Refer to the program and diarise the Saturday night gathering. This is intended to replace some of our usual Tuesday night social functions and we look forward to these evenings being well attended----the venues are very ‘user friendly’, so pre-plan to bring friends and family, even if you are not sailing! Yachts can raft-up at the venues they being: RMYC, CYC, RSYS, and Port Hacking, so a good round of the clubs is offered.

With this series, crew is limited to two, and two handicap systems are included, a PHS and the SSAA system.

With this series, three drops are allowed, best six races to count to series result.

SSAA membership is required for series entry, but casual entries (for each race) are welcome from non-members. Series entrants receive a commemorative plaque inscribed with yacht name and series handicap result/s.

Open Series ‘OS’---------includes six long races, refer the sailing program attached.

This series is designed to provide hard racing and particularly suits those whose horizons might stretch beyond the Tasman. The series provides ideal training for the SSAA double-handed Trans Tasman or Melbourne to Osaka races, for example.

Entrants are divided into length divisions, no handicaps. Crew is limited to two. Again, casual entries from non-members are welcome but membership for series entry is required.

Entry Fees

Individual Races       

Lord Howe                  $220    (SSAA members), 

$330    (non-members)

All other OS races        $44      (members and non)

LC and SC races          $33      (members and non)

Open Series                $330    (members only)

Long Course Series   $220    (members only)

Short course Series    $165    (for non members)

                                    $132    (for members)

Block entry                 $440    for members only, includes all 21 races. To be accepted, the block entry must be in the hands of the race committee before the first race entered. Membership subs must also be paid at the same time if not forwarded previously.

Please note----membership dues must be paid with race fees for membership rates to be accepted. (Membership fees for 2001 are $100+$30 for new member joining fee. Note the joining fee includes for race pennant, which will be forwarded soonest)

Declaration at end of race

As is usual with SSAA races, competitors take their own finish times and advise race committee by phone/fax at earliest, details in notice of race. As well, for the short course ‘SC” series, crew numbers and names for the event need to be declared.

Racing Pennant-----Members are requested to always fly the SSAA pennant while racing (and elsewhere). New members will receive a new pennant, free, cost included with membership fees. If a pennant has not been forwarded to a new member, please contact Rob Drury to arrange its receipt. The old pennant may still be used, or if it has reached its ‘use-by’ date, the cost of a new pennant is $44 Please forward you request with cheque attached and it will be posted to you.

Members News

Ø      David Ferrall---has sold Lik Lik (via the SSAA for sale page)----has ordered an IOOD50 for the Together Alone race at the end of this year----good luck David. The new owner of Lik Lik looks like sailing with SSAA, that’ll keep us on our toes!

Ø      Tony Mowbray---has passed the half way point in his solo, non-stop, and unassisted circumnavigation. He has managed running repairs to keep a chainplate/rig in his boat. Well done Tony!

Ø      Ken Petersen and Susie Jack have returned from their Pacific cruise as have Harry and Helen Rourke. Ken advises he is selling Ratu and moving into power boats??!!

Ø      Will Oxley, skipper of Compaq, is near the front of the fleet in the BT Global Challenge, now arrived in Wellington for a stopover before coming to Sydney.

Ø      Daniel Yaffe will be starting with us again in the refitted ‘Patsy”

Ø      Keep us advised of your activities!

New Members

A hearty welcome to the following new members (of recent times)

Alex Bird

Allan Carney

Murray Delacy------Revs

Vincent Lamond-------Swarbrick 12m---the Osaka Cup in his sights

Peter McCorquodale--------Adams 10

Anthony Paterson

Michael Smith----mini transat enthusiast/owner

Martin Pryor-----------Twiggy

Mike Thurston--------‘Drina’

David Stiles-----------‘Deguello’

Ivan Macfadyen--------new short-handed Hick 50 footer being built

David Pryce-------------new IOOD 50 being built for Together Alone

We look forward to seeing you on our starting lines and/or at our gatherings

Pacific Rim Race

We had an interesting contact from a guy in the USA, proposing a shorthanded Pacific Rim Race-----sounds good doesn’t it? Beats going ‘down there’ and fighting the cold and icebergs!! USA---Honolulu-----NZ------Sydney/Melbourne/Mooloolaba?--------Japan -------USA. Can someone find an event sponsor?

SSAA Double-handed Trans Tasman

A great race was had by those who participated last year, the race being run in May rather than March as has been the case before. There were a few reasons for the delayed start last year, one reason being the historically more favourable weather conditions in May. While the fleet had ‘stiff’ breezes for a while it wasn’t ‘hammered’ as has happened in past years.

The Trans Tasman is on again next year----not long to go now! Details for the next race will be ironed out soon but the destination will again likely be Auckland because of the great reception we received there last year, arranged by Brian Murray Chairman of SSANZ. Starting date is yet to be determined but could be March---May, or even later in the year, to allow cruising NZ in summer prior to returning to Australia. We take an approach of arranging the race to suit those who want to do it, so, if you are interested in the race and have preferred starting date/s please let us know, and we can consider your wishes.

SSAA Vision Statement

To enable a more focused direction for the SSAA it is proposed to develop a Vision Statement during the coming year. We are called the SSA of Australia--- Should we be more focused at a national level or maintain our (present?) activity at a regional level?

A great deal has happened in the world of short-handed sailing over the past few years. The open 50 and 60 class IMOCA is now a class recognised by ISAF as of 1998. The Vendee Globe Notice of Race refers to ISAF and related documents. This may have implications on our ‘position’ within ‘mainstream’ yachting in Australia. Again, your views are welcome----let us hear your voice!

Newcastle Marina Development

A new marina is under construction in Newcastle. This will be a great destination for one of our races so it will likely appear on our calendar next year.

For Sale?

List your yacht/marine goods for sale on our web site on the ‘for sale’ page----it works! Ask Dave Ferrall who sold Lik Lik via his ad!!----nominal charges only!


The networking page on our web site is a free service for members. It is intended for networking of members business activities---let us know if you would like to be added to the list!

Web site

This is an active site and will be updated weekly with race results/news etc during the coming sailing season. Please keep visiting the site on a regular basis! Some of the links provide very interesting ‘surfing’

Yours in Short Handing


All/any views expressed here are those of the contributor/s, not necessarily those of the SSAA.

When short-handing, you win when you achieve your goals

SSAA 2001 Committee

President                      Paul Nudd        phone A.H. 02 9985 7304

Vice President/safety    Rob Drury        phone 02 9953 4922

Treasurer/Secretary      Drew Spring     phone A.H. 02 9310 1590

Race Committee           Rob Evans        phone 0409 608 272

General Committee       Tony Roberts   phone AH 02 9973 2915

                                    Allan Carney    phone AH 02

                                    Dave Willis       phone A.H. 9969 6788

                                    Dave Landers   phone 0412 140 661

Short-handed Sailing Association of Australia Inc. (SSAA)

P.O. Box 7033, McMahons Point, NSW 2060