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The Shorthanded Sailing Association of Australia (SSAA) is widely recognised as the peak body for this dimension of yachting in Australia. We provide an empowering, competitive, educational and social forum for sailors, uniquely enabling them to sail shorthanded in a community of other like-minded individuals. In doing so, we provide sailors with the opportunity to grow and achieve their personal goals in shorthanded sailing. Within the SSAA, member's goals are diverse and include serious racing aspirations, shorthanded cruising and building seamanship skills. Other members are interested in purely social aspects of the association, or in contributing to the continued development and acceptance of all forms of shorthanded sailing in Australia and internationally


To Develop, Promote and Expand
the Sport of Shorthanded Sailing in Australia.


The objectives of the SSAA are:

Representative activities include:


Pacific Breeze We are not only focused on racing. Many members move from cruising mode to ultimate racing machines and vice versa, as experience, confidence and interests change with time. The SSAA conducts a variety of races offering yachtsmen the chance to add a new dimension to their sailing program. These include a regular calendar of races during the year,usually from March to October, which are generally planned to complement other yacht club calendars. These races have proven to be an ideal training ground for those whose horizons stretch beyond the Tasman, who have plans to sail the world short-handed or to soar with the albatross, solo, through the Southern Ocean


The SSAA welcomes all types of yachts, monohulls and multihulls, and their crew. Typically, the racing fleet includes purpose built single and two-handed craft, production cruiser-racers, multi-hulls and cruising type vessels. Yachts race under a unique handicap system based on key yacht parameters. Basic eligibility requirements for SSAA participation include:


The thrill and challenge of single handed sailing first caught the imagination of a group of yachtsmen in Australia during the late 1970's. At that time, short-handed racing was not offered by sailing clubs in Australia and the idea of forming an association for yachtsmen interested in shorthanded racing was born.

The first BOC around the world race in 1982/3 was an inspirational catalyst for the creation of the SSAA. Adventurous yachtsmen here in Australia founded the SSAA in 1983. In these early years shorthanded racing was considered 'cavalier' by mainstream yacht clubs and, accordingly, the SSAA created its own rules and regulations, which were more stringent than those for fully crewed racing.

In recent years shorthanded sailing has gained dramatically in popularity and acceptance internationally. Here in Australia, the SSAA is no longer a 'fringe' element outside the mainstream yachting community.

The SSAA has fostered innovative design and kept pace with the rapidly accelerating rate of change. It has also forged alliances and partnerships both here and abroad. This has added an increasingly international dimension to our races and member programs.

The SSAA is now affiliated with the Yachting Association of NSW / Yachting Australia, having obtained 'club' status early in 2002. Affiliation means a closer relationship now exists between the SSAA and mainstream yachting allowing a wider forum for the interests of shorthanded sailors. Club affiliation also enables SSAA members to race their yachts with other affiliated clubs and to acquire YA membership thereby meeting Rule 46 of the YA Racing Rules of Sailing (refer www.yachting.org.au)

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, the first man to win a solo, non-stop around the world yacht race, is Patron of the SSAA. Other prominent members past and present include:


Should you wish to discover how to obtain greater use and enjoyment from your yacht, to learn more about short-handed sailing, or to crew with others, please contact us. Applications for membership are welcome, and you are invited to participate in our sailing program. Click here to access a membership application form.


The Shorthanded Sailing Association
P.O. Box 7033
McMahons Point NSW 2060
(Phone numbers of committee members on the Contact Us page)

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When short-handing, you win when you achieve your goals